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web portal login fails: Unknown Error

rplrpl Newbie ✭


I am very new at this.

We recently rolled out NetExtender with 2fa.

Users would login to the the web portal on our Sonicwall device, be shown a QR code, then bind an app like MS Authenticator.

This would let them access our SSL VPN.

All was fine. But the manager who set this up left and now its stopped working.

Existing users who already binded their phone can still access the vpn with 2fa. However users are unable to access the web portal where they get the QR code. When they try to login, they get an Unknown Error.

I am still able to login with my admin account. I just cant login with any end user account.

I imagine something very simple has changed. I am not sophisticated enough to have changed much. The only change that I have made is to select "Import from LDAP" under Users Local Users and Groups.

Below is our error message

Category: SSL VPN

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    rplrpl Newbie ✭
    edited August 2022

    OK. Im officially an idiot.

    Was trying to access the management website, not the virtual office website.

    Thanks for your reply JTUCKERCHUG. Very big help.

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