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how to allow traffic between parent interface and sub-interface

Hi team

I have a firewall install behind the cisco where W1 is connected to cisco and W0 is connected to my manageable switch with . I have configured the Valn under the sub interface of X0 "vlan10" which is

I am not able to ping, access host running on 0.1 subnet

how i can allow traffic between virtual and parent interface

Moreover, my vlan is working, i ma able to get the vlan subnet but am nit able to reach to X0 interface

I also have define the access rules from LAN to Vlan and Vlan to LAN but it seems to be not working.

any help will be appreciated

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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    SimonTSimonT Newbie ✭

    Hi Manish,

    By W1 and W0 you mean X1 and X0?

    If you want to manage the Sonicwall from the Vlan10 you have to enable the HTTPS-Management on the X0:V10 Interface.

    Is internet working for the devices on LAN and VLAN?

    Can you post some screenshots of your Firewall Rules and Configuration to better understand your situation?

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    manishmanish Newbie ✭

    HI thanks fro reply

    it is resolved

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