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Site to site VPN new config issues

Site A: HQ/ main location. I’ve had this Sonicwall for years and has had no issues. Running SonicOS 6.5~ on a TZ400.

Site B: I just got a static about an hour ago and configured it, running good. Hits google. It is a new Sonicwall setup running SonicOS 7~ on a TZ270. There are no DMZ setup or anything all to all setups either. Literally set it up, registered it and did X0 local and X1 static. Nothing else besides VPN config.

I followed the below guide and I don’t get a green light once done. First guide I followed:

I just discovered this newer guide but haven’t tried it yet cause the first link above seemed to work with corresponding fields but:

Assuming everything I said above seems fair and then 2nd guide is pointless. Any way in logs directly I can see where it fails easily?

In the logs currently I see:

-IKEv2: VPN policy not found

-No VPN policy for peer
Category: SSL VPN


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    AjishlalAjishlal Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Pgmoftexas ,

    Could you brief us your ISP connection in both location? Are you getting static IP in both location?

    If you dont mind share with us the configuration screenshot from both side.

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    PgmoftexasPgmoftexas Newbie ✭
    Both locations are statics. I will comment later today more specifics once I’m back on site.
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