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Issue with multiple WAN port packet loss.

Having an interesting issue here. We recently replaced a 3600 gen 6 with a 3700 gen 7. We used the migration tool, etc. no issues. We are constantly seeing 100% packet loss on 3 WAN interfaces every 40-90 minutes for around 15-30 seconds. All at the same time. These WAN interfaces are connected to different providers and not connected to each other other than on the 3700.

On the 3700 we have probes set up which aren't seeing any drops on those interfaces. Pinging from the LAN side we see the random 100% packet loss on all interfaces. No packet loss on the LAN interface of the 3700 either. From home I've been pinging those three WAN interfaces and not seeing any drops. If I'm connected to our VPN via GVPN client I get disco'd when the packet loss is occurring. I've spent in inordinate amount of time with support trying to figure out what's going on and am at wits end. I'm starting to suspect the physical hardware itself.

Any thoughts?

Category: High End Firewalls

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    MitatOngeMitatOnge All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @themuniitguy

    I think, this is not isp problem. You should check internal infrastructures. (Firewall, Switch and router)

    could you try below steps.

    1) check the DP CPU connection limit under the firewall Settings. and remove adjustment.

    2) If wan interface are fiber connected via isp router check the sonicwall fiber adaptor compatibility chart.

    3) If you have a HA infrasturcture please check the config and image should be same.

    4) check the spaning tree (loop) problem on the network.

    5) Assign to connection limit all access rules, If It is posible.

    6) you said that "On the 3700 we have probes set up which aren't seeing any drops on those interfaces" It means you are losing internal connections. Please check ip conflict and mac spoofing on switch config.

    7) please check mac address binding on the switch config (I have saw before like this config on a few customer switches.)

    best regards

    Mitat Önge

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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Im surprised support hasn't told you to factory default and rebuild from scratch... but then again support nowadays is severely lacking

    Are you doing DDOS protection and is it being triggered? Do you have syslogs being dumped from the Sonicwall and is there a drop of syslogs at the same time?

    Have tried CLI logging?


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    Thank you both for replying. We have rectified the issue ourselves. The management port ip was in direct conflict with an IP address on our LAN sitting on our side of the X0 interface. Guessing the issuance of the cert that's associated with that port was possibly causing the timeout/packet loss issue. Once changed to the (the default mgmt on the 3600) we were good to go. Concerning that we spent the better part of 48+ hours with support trying to figure out what was going on only to figure out the issue ourselves.

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    TKWITSTKWITS Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭

    The dedicated Management port should never be on the same network as any other interface.

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