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DHCP Scope based on Vendor Name


i tried but i failed.. Wanted to setup a DHCP Scope for the Kids Nintendo Switch.

Created a new DHCP Scope and added DHCP Advanced Option

Number 124 Vendor-Identifying Vendor Class -> String -> NINTENDO

Number 125 Vendor Identifying Vendor Specific -> String -> NINTENDO

Put these Values in an Option Group and assigned it to the DHCP Scope.

But the Switch does not pick up the new scope IPs. So my access policies fail.

OK, workaround would be static mapping. But dynamic would be cooler. Especially as we have a lot of kids coming and going and they all bring their switch.

Any Tip for me?

Checked this as well:

Nintendo has quite a lot Mac reserved so the Vendor name would be easier.

thank you!

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics


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    BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @ArminF to the best of my knowledge, DHCP Server on the Firewall is not able to do any filtering, except per static MAC address.

    You can try to submit a RFE (Request for Enhancement), but I'am sceptical that there will be progress.


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    ArminFArminF Newbie ✭

    Thanks Michael.

    Found another approach which fits as well.

    Created MAC Objects for the Nintendos and Game Equipment.

    Created a Adress Group and added the MAC objects.

    Used the Address Group for Access Policy filtering.

    All good. Quite easy to handle. Just need to create and add to the Group.

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