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FIPS 140-2 issue with pre-shared key

We have a Sonicwall TZ300 - we are running into issues with pre-shared keys being needed for a FIPS 140-2 environment.

The firewall is telling me: "Only IKE 3rd party certificate can be used for VPN tunnel in FIPS mode" while on their website they say: "VPN Policy pre-shared key length must be longer than 8 characters."

FIPS itself seems to allow pre-shared keys/private keys as well. Just in case Sonicwall wasn't giving me the full info, I also generated a key that had 384 bits, and one that had 48 - both had the same issue (including one generated by a Google generator).

Is there really no way, with Sonicwall, to use a pre-shared key with FIP mode enabled?

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    JohnKJohnK Newbie ✭

    Blast, I didn't find that thing, since finding documents on FIPS brings like 6 million pages up. So for Sonicwall with FIPS - it does require a cert. That's going to be difficult... while I don't find it necessary, some of our groups deal with secure data and call for it. I appreciate the help. :)

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