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Sonicwave 231c upgrade error

gio74chgio74ch Newbie ✭

Good Morning,

I need to upgrade the firmware of my Sonicwave 231c.

I followed the guide

but the version of the new firmware does not remain in diag. in attachment the error.

my sonicwave it's not in a subnet LAN default but in a separate WLAN zone

TZ370 Current Firmware Version SonicOS 7.0.1-5052-R2747

Sonicwave 231c actual firmware : sw_spw_eng_9.2.3.0_50.bin.sig

i need to upgrade to sw_spw_eng_9.2.4.0_9.bin.sig that i've downloaded from portal

BUT in mysonicwall the firmware is

many thanks

best regards

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    jgrimesjgrimes SonicWall Employee


    Does the Sonicwave have current licenses? If not the settings will freeze and cannot be changed. The existing settings will continue to work though.

    It is bad practice to have a public IP address,, in your internal network as it can cause unexpected conflicts. The firewall will see this a as WAN address. Also, it belongs to someone else, A French Telecom company called Orange S.A.

    I would also recommend an upgrade of your firewall's firmware. The current version is SonicOS 7.0.1-5065. Updating your firmware will help the Sonicwave's firmware stay current. They do not require a manual install.

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    gio74chgio74ch Newbie ✭


    thanks for reply,

    yes, the licenses expire on 02 Sept...

    I've change the ip with and update the firmware to the ultimete release 7.0.1-5065-R2799


    • in in access point -> firmware management, the firmware it's the same old version sw_spw_eng_9.2.3.0_50.bin.sig
    • and in diag the version not saved when apply the save


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