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Gen 7 units - Missing (Active/Active HA Clustering) - please help make this a priority!


I recently purchased a couple of NSA-3700 Gen 7 firewalls. I also purchased the SonicWALL HA license for these two units. Shortly after setting them up, I learned that SonicWALL has not yet implemented Active/Active HA Clustering for any of the Gen 7 NSA firewall.

I am writing to request that this feature be made a priority, as it was available on the Gen 6 firewalls. You would think that newer Gen 7 units would be the go to unit for new projects, but not when learning other standard features have been left behind.

I am asking that other members of this forum, will also take a minute to also request this feature, as it has been on the SonicWALL roadmap for more than an year now, with no ETA available.

Thank you!

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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    prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭

    Hi @ICS_LLC , I asked a while ago regarding the Active/Active DPI, I know it isn't the question you asked as the Active/Active DPI is a far simpler set up.

    As far as I know there aren't any plans to add the Active/Active Clustering or the Active/Active DPI - the response I got was due to the appliances being able to handle a lot more throughput they didn't see a need to add to the Gen7 appliances, you would be best checking with your SonicWall SE to clarify though

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    ICS_LLCICS_LLC Newbie ✭
    edited July 2022

    Hello Preston,

    I did confirm with my SonicWALL (Senior iCAM, Team Lead) that the (HA - Active / Active Clustering) option is still on the roadmap for the NSA’s at this time.  However, it is only if more of us start requesting this feature now, that it will be moved up in SonicWALL’s priority work list.   There are tremendous benefit to having both NSA’s working in tandem. One of the biggest reasons I’m needed this, is so that I can utilize ports X0 thru X23 on the 2nd NSA unit, at the same time. I rent a cabinet at a remote datacenter, and not being able to use those extra x24 Gigabit ports is a strain on resources and space. 

    So if anyone would help me with requesting this (old existing feature) to be reimplemented now, it would be greatly appreciated.


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