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EPRS not working

We've had perennial issues with the EPRS site not loading, and reporting has been unavailable since Flash was killed off, but now the whole site including the management functions which didn't depend on Flash is unavailable. When I asked support, they pointed me toward an article that they just put up this month on the 14th -

This article states trhat the portal is unavailable because Flash has been retired, but that should not be the case. I get that they can't control Flash being EOL, but we have paid for licences and support, and they're washing their hands of the site completely - even the stuff that doesn't depend on Flash. Has anyone found a way around this, please? They're talking about using a Sandboxed machine running an old version of Firefox to access it, but this is a ridiculous state of affairs. Support are being useless, and they've strung us along for weeks.

Category: Content Filtering Client
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