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Loss of connection over Site to Site with Sage

CustomMetalCustomMetal Newbie ✭

I have recently migrated from Edgerouters to Sonicwall TZ 370, attempting to squeeze some speed out of a mediocre Spectrum connection. I went through the wizard on two TZ 370 for a site to site connection. I made sure all settings matched, Keep Alive is enabled on the main and not on the other, TCP timeout has been set to 480 minutes on both, Dead Peer Detection is enabled on both. Still, after an idle session of 20 minutes or so, Sage will lose connection and required a restart. This was not a problem on the Edgerouters. The logging process seems arduous. What do I need to do to see what the logs are saying?

Thank you for any suggestions.

Category: SSL VPN

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    BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    @CustomMetal I guess you set the TCP timeout in the Access Rules allowing the traffic from LAN to VPN and vice versa?

    Does this TCP timeout shows up in the Monitor -> Logs -> Connections listing and Expiry is showing the configured values? Default TCP timeout is 15 minutes, search for the connections from the Client to see the relevant Connections. Do this on both sides.

    I guess if it happens always we can rule out the VPN Tunnel.



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