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Bookmarks as in Gen6

ChusitoChusito Newbie ✭
edited June 2022 in SSL VPN

Hello, I am not able to find the User-Bokmark link that could be done in Gen6-6.5 and others.

In these previous versions, you created the user, you put him in the SSLVPN group and if you needed the Bookmark you created it ONLY for him. on Gen7, I see no way to do this. I can create Bookmarks, which can be seen by all SSLVPN users who authenticate in the VirtualOffice. Is this going to be the case in Gen7??, or am I missing some box or option?

(Tested on TZ270W (7.0.1-5065) and SNA2700(7.0.1-5050-R2374))

Category: SSL VPN


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