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Cant get IP with GVC over WiFi

BHallBHall Newbie ✭

Good Day, For some reason i cant get an IP address over wifi using the GVC Client. I have tried this at 2 sites now, and it ONLY works when i havenhard plugged into the LAN Line. Other Companies VPN works fine (Sophos, MS, Pulse) just NOT The SonicWall. I get the Log IN Screen, but GVC just sits at the "Acquiring IP" and never proceeds. (Log Below)

I suspect it is an issue with my WiFi local machine settings, but i CANT figure out WHAT setting. Any help would be appreciated as many of my clients are moving away from allowing Hard Connections to the Network.

OS: Win10 21H1

GVC: (latest Ver)

Thank you!!


The Log shows:

2022/06/22 12:21:52:590   Information   User authentication has succeeded.

2022/06/22 12:21:52:621   Information   Received request for policy version.

2022/06/22 12:21:52:621   Information   Sending policy version reply.

2022/06/22 12:21:52:646   Information   Received policy change is not required.

2022/06/22 12:21:52:646   Information   Sending policy acknowledgement.

2022/06/22 12:21:52:646   Information   The configuration for the connection is up to date.

2022/06/22 12:21:52:684   Information   Starting ISAKMP phase 2 negotiation with

2022/06/22 12:21:52:684   Information   Starting quick mode phase 2 exchange.

2022/06/22 12:21:52:708   Information   The SA lifetime for phase 2 is 28800 seconds.

2022/06/22 12:21:52:708   Information   Phase 2 with has completed.

2022/06/22 12:21:52:725   Information   <local host>   Renewing IP address for the virtual interface (00-60-73-83-F9-DB).

2022/06/22 12:21:52:732   Warning      <local host>   Failed to renew the IP address for the virtual interface.

Category: VPN Client

Best Answers

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    AjishlalAjishlal Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2022 Answer ✓


    if you are suspecting the particular laptop, Uninstall the network adapter of the computer (Not the sonicwall network adapter. the actual network card driver ) from Device Manager and reinstall it.

    Assume that, you ar enot changed any default value of the GVC and you are not trying to connect from the same subnet of the firewall.

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    MitatOngeMitatOnge All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Hi @BHall

    could you try uninstall this tool '''' gvc and reboot after that reinstall latest gvc version on windows.


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    TonyATonyA SonicWall Employee

    Hey @BHall ,

    This could be due to various options or issues. Does this happen with just one laptop you are testing with or multiple?

    I would recommend going through this kb article to make sure the config lines up. There is a few causes and resolutions for this issue in this kb:

    Not able to get an IP address for GVC virtual adapter | SonicWall


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    BHallBHall Newbie ✭
    edited June 2022

    Good Day @TonyA !

    It SEEMS to ONLY be with this Machine. I have tired it on other Laptops and they are all fine to connect over WiFi. That is what makes me suspect it is a local setting on this machine.. but i just cant figure it out :/

    The odd thing is again OTHER VPN programs are fine.. so i am befuddled.

    FYI Reviewed the sent link, and the Host side Device IS properly configured for VPN DHCP


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    BHallBHall Newbie ✭

    Ohhhh Nice Tool @MitatOnge .. this is going in my IT Toolbox. ;)

    I will try both of your suggestions to essentially rip out my wifi Adaptor and GVC and take a run at this with fresh installs. I hope to be able to do that today and i will get back to you with the results.

    Thanks for the Tips!

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    BHallBHall Newbie ✭

    OK!!! Thank you so much!! I am back to being able to get the VPN connected over WiFi.

    I did BOTH of your suggestions, so i honestly dont know Which one Actually was the key, but i can tell you that the Uninstaller program did find a SECOND older instance of GVC on my machine that was NOT listed in my normal Add/Remove programs. On that note, i also did remove the multiple Reg Entries and Folders left over so i got a VERY clean install.

    Either way.. Thank you for your help!! Greatly Appreciated.


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