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connect 2 TZ 300 wireless-AC in different subnets and another question

Hey folks,

im completly new to sonicwall and the little exp. I have is with sophos so im really lost atm.

I have 2 TZ 300 wireless-AC Firewalls in a Building(im sitting 600km away), one in the 1st floor and one in the 2nd, both are connected to a Vodafone router.

A Problem is, if I connect to a PC with a LAN connection, I only can connect to the 1st Firwall and not the 2nd, in reverse its like when im connected to a Wifi, I can connect to the 2nd but not the 1st, so its kinda garbage setup but the colleague before left ,I was hired and now I need to fix it.

The subnets are 192.169.3.x (1st) and 192.168.5.x (2nd) and now my first question is, how can I set i up, that when im connected to the 1st FW, I can see the 2nd and reverse, atm its not possible to manage them perfectly.

And for my 2nd question.

I need to manage them from 600km away, here we have the subnet 157.116.236.x for LAN and 157.116.237.x for WLAN and VPN, how to I set them up, without connecting to a PC in the office 600km away, I just want to type in the ip or 3.1 and can login, but I have no idea how to do.

I hope it was understandable.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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