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How to change the Default WAN port (X1) to some other port?

Hi Team,


In NSA2400 by default the X1 is the WAN port.

In my FW that port is having some issues. How to change the Default WAN port to some other port?

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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    AjishlalAjishlal Community Legend ✭✭✭✭✭


    Follow the below KB & once it done, Navigate to Network-->Failover & LB-->Default LB Group and add the new WAN interface into the LB group.

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    @Ajishlal Thanks for the reply.

    Is there any way to configure the default WAN in some other ports?

    The article describes about the secondary WAN interface.

    I need to configure the other ports as primary default interface

    Thansk and Regards


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    ICS_LLCICS_LLC Newbie ✭


    Yes you can. First you will need to assign the new port you that want to use to the WAN Zone. You can do that from the (Network) --> (Interfaces) page. Edit the desired port and assign it to the WAN Zone.

    Once you have do that go to Network --> Failover & LB. If the (Enable Load Balancing) box is not checked, you will need to enable it, so that you can remove X1 from this group.

    Now on that same page, edit the (Default LB Group). Move X1, from the (Selected:) column and click the (<< Remove) button to take it out of this group. You will also want to add your "newly assigned WAN Zone" port, that will be in the (Group Members:) column, and (ADD>>) it to the (Selected:) column. Make sure to save you changes.

    When you are all done you can "uncheck" the (Enable Load Balancing) option and top of the (Failover & LB) page and (Accept) the changes at the bottom of the page

    You can now reassign X1 to be the LAN Zone, or any other Zone that you want, by going back to (Network) --> (Interfaces) page.

    Hope this help!

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