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create internet only vlan

I try to create an guest internet only vlan but can't get any internet traffic flowing.

I created a vlan X0:17 with dhcp and public dns setup and i can ping the tz-300 firewall using this vlan so connectivity to the firewall is working.

Steps i took:

In Network -> Zones I created a zone named Guest and deselected all check marks, so no auto generated rules are set up. As security type i choose Public

In Network -> Interfaces attached the zone to my vlan X0:17 and allowed ping as management

In Rules -> Access Rules created 2 new rules ( one for ip4 and one for ip6 traffic ) from Guest to WAN and allowed Any source to Any Destination with Any service ( Any, Any, Any )

Result: Using windows test machine i get an ip address with the public dns, i can ping to the vlan X0:17 but no internet traffic is flowing. Not by name or by ip.

What did i mis or did wrong ?

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

Best Answer

    Alex73Alex73 Newbie ✭
    Answer ✓

    my bad, the windows pc was the problem. The setup is just working as it should be

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