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Update and Connect Tunnel

So, due to recent security alerts from SonicWall, we're about to upgrade from 12.4.0 to 12.4.1 (plus latest hotfixes). My search skills are failing me. Do I have to update the Connect Tunnel client to its latest version as well?

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


  • iamabrokenmaniamabrokenman Enthusiast ✭✭
    Normally you would like the clients to update as well to match the server. Depends on what security issues you are concerned about, will dictate if the client side is necessary. How you push it will also depend on how your infrastructure is set up. If you want to push it when users login, then set that in the community in each realm under tunnel access. It might require admin rights for some users, again depends on how your things are set up. You can also give each the installer. HTH
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