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ActiveSync, 2FA, and Remote WorkPlace web site

We have two SMAs that are protecting an on-premises Exchange Server, and we had smartphones successfully using ActiveSync via each of the two nodes. When we tried to enable 2FA on the WorkPlace site, it cut off the smartphones, and we had to disable the 2FA to get them working again fast. Is it possible to have 2FA on the WorkPlace but not on ActiveSync? Right now, they are using the same on-premises Active Directory authentication server, so I guess that might be part of the problem. It is also our intention to restrict ActiveSync to known Device IDs, and we have the SMAs correctly classifying the smartphones into zones,.

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


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    ViveksViveks SonicWall Employee

    There is absolutely no way to skip 2FA when configured. I don't think you can use a realm with 2FA for ActiveSync/Outlook access.

    You might need to create another realm/AD without 2FA just for this and update your ACLs. Can you reach tech-support with this query, that should help Engineering team to take a note of this drawback.

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