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GSM 9.3 Fresh Install ERROR Device Manager, Tree Firewalls empty

This Tuesday, fresh install GSM9.3 (950G) (ESXi 6.5) with hotfix.MAR-22474.1+ SP1 + SP2 +hotfix.MAR-22636.1 in this order. I added the firewalls by hand, and this morning I wanted to continue and I get this error.

Is it known why this happens? I am unable to reverse it, not even restarting GMS.

Has it happened to any other?

Do I have to reinstall from scratch again?


Category: Firewall Management and Analytics


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    ChusitoChusito Newbie ✭
    edited May 2022

    I have eliminated all the domains (Tenants), and now one of the Firewalls appears that, by mistake, I did not enter in its domain.

    Could this be the problem?

    I will add all the Firewalls again, in LocalDomain to see what happens.

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    ChusitoChusito Newbie ✭

    No , the problem persist,

    After adding all 40 firewalls, and waiting doing little more than switching tabs, they all disappear with the same error I showed at the beginning.

    Nobody has had this problem??

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