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What details are contained in the WNM report "Content>Security (Client Security Service Details)?

Category: Network Security Manager


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    LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    There is one page of summary Security information at the beginning, which covers:

    Known Threats, Blocked Applications, Malicious URLs, Malicious Files, Malicious Geo Connections, Botnet Connection.

    Under the Security section there are four pages:

    SSID Security Policies, which contains Active/Inactive status of:

    • Capture ATP Enabled SSID Policies
    • Content Filtering CFS Enabled SSID Policies
    • Cloud Anti-Virus Enabled Policies
    • Geo-IP/Botnet Enabled SSID Policies

    Capture ATP & CFS Analysis, which contains:

    • Top Malicious File Types
    • Top Unsafe URL Categories
    • Clients with Highest Malicious Files
    • Clients with Highest Unsafe URL Visits

    App Control, which shows:

    • Top Blocked Application Types
    • App Control Events by Action Types
    • Clients with Highest Blocked Apps

    Geo-IP/Botnet Analysis, which shows

    • Number of Botnets

    I've attached an excerpt of a post-season document with those pages.

    Yes, it would be a very nice thing if this information was contained in the Administration Guide (hint...)

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