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Azure NSv 470 - Security Policy Rules Lack Ability to Change UDP Inactivity Timeout

I'm configuring an NSV 470 in Azure to be the hub of our WAN. VoIP traffic from spoke sites will transit it. The spokes, NSa 2700's, allow the UDP Inactivity Timeout timer to be adjusted to prevent SIP registrations from timing out: Policy -> Rules and Policies -> Access Rules -> Editing Rule -> Users & TCP/UDP -> UDP Inactivity Timeout -> Change from 30 to 3600 seconds.

In the NSv however, after navigating to Policy -> Rules and Policies -> Security Policy -> Configure -> Edit Rule, there is no knob for changing the UDP Inactivity Timeout. Does that mean there is no UDP inactivity timeout timer, or is this setting fixed at 30 seconds which will cause IP Telephony calls to drop?



Category: Virtual Firewall

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    MarkDMarkD Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    NSv uses SonicOSX and has more granular Action Profiles

    Creating a specific Security Action rule, you can add both TCP and UDP timeout as well as specific SIP values values to the Miscellaneous tab.

    Hope this helps

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