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web activities empty in NSM

Hello Community,

have you experienced issue in NSM Monitor for a specific firewall regarding both Summay>Web Categories/Wesites and also Details>Web Categories/Wesites? In my case they are simply empty. On the IPFix collector in the firewall I'am albe to find all the urls information that I can presume will be used by the Analytics module within NSM.

I have another firewall in the same NSM instance with exactly the same configurazion to NSM and for this everything works fine.

I've rised a case with support for this: 43938087.

This night NSM was updated in EU to version 2.3.3-5-R27 but nothing has changed regarding the issue.

Category: Network Security Manager


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    Michael_BischofMichael_Bischof SonicWall Employee

    I had a look at 43938087.

    Sorry, but that issue has not been fixed yet.

    We expect it to be resolved in NSM cloud version 2.3.3-6, which should be released end of May.

    Just to make sure you are not having some different issue and waste your time waiting, I would also recommend you make sure your firewall log settings are set to Inform&Alert and you imported the GMS log template and have logging enabled for CFS plus CFS - HTTPS content filtering enabled.

    • -Login to the SonicWall management GUI.
    • -Navigate to Manage |Security Services | Content Filter page.
    • -Check the box Enable Content Filtering Service.
    • -Click Accept .
    • -Navigate to Manage |Policies |Objects |Content Filter Object Page.
    • -Under CFS Profile Objects, select the profile you wish to enable HTTPS content filtering for.
    • -Under advanced tab, check the box Enable HTTPS Content Filtering.
    • -Click OK



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