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CMS and SMA virtual appliances warning low disk space


I have relatively new install of a CMS and 3 SMA virtual appliances. All are warning of a

"Data disk size is too small: 4GB" from "AMC" as source. The virtual hard disk is 240 GB. Looking at all appliances, the SDA7 partition is about 54% full (2GB full, 2GB free) on all appliances. Is this normal after new installs? How long do we have until its critically full? Is there a standards set of instructions Sonicwall uses to expand this partition? A little Linux illiterate at disk partitioning. May need to bring in outside help on this issue.

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances


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    iamabrokenmaniamabrokenman Enthusiast ✭✭

    Thats probably coming from your /var/log/couchdb partition complaining that its only 4GB. Depending on how busy your usage is, that can get fill due to the various things replication does. If you vm instance when you provisioned it was actually 240GB disk, then the partitioning is problematic, assuming you followed the minimum vm requirements. Good luck.

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