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SonicWall On-Prem Analytics 2.5 Hyper-V Firewall Down


Since I cannot find a discussion as to what I'm about to post, I hope I post my concern in the correct section.

I'm having a hard time connecting the SonicWall TZ570 in Analytics 2.5. Analytics says Firewall is down (Please see image below):

And I also have some questions here (I'm sorry)

1. How many ethernet adapters requires for Hyper-V to deploy analytics?

2. The virtual switch is configured to external.

3. Do I need to enable internet sharing? When I did, the vEthernet is generating an IP, which is out of our network IP Class (Please see image below). Our Local IP range is 192.168.0.x

I can ping our local network, it has internet, it can ping the sonicwall TZ570 and yet the firewall is still down.

Syslog is also configured on the TZ570.

I hope someone can give us light.

Thank you

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics
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