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NSv in Azure Route Same VNET different address space

I am attempting to setup some routing in Azure for a new NSv. I used this article as my guide How can I route all traffic to SonicWall NSv using the same address space (same VNet) and different subnet behind X0 interface? | SonicWall

However, my issue is slightly different. I am using the same VNET but I have several different address spaces.

I created a separate network for X0 using My X0 IP is The Azure GW IP is I can see this in my ARP table.

I have an Azure routing table setup with the next hop of Right now is using this routing table.

I have a test machine on the same VNET with a an address space of Its IP is I have created a route on the NSv to with a next hop of I can ping from the firewall. When I run a ping from the test machine to and run a packet capture on the firewall, I see that the firewall is forwarding traffic to X1. But the pings fail.

If I was doing this with a physical firewall, I would create a virtual interface on and be done with it. Do I need to do something similar on the Azure firewall?

Category: Virtual Firewall
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