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NSv in Azure Route Same VNET different address space

I am attempting to setup some routing in Azure for a new NSv. I used this article as my guide How can I route all traffic to SonicWall NSv using the same address space (same VNet) and different subnet behind X0 interface? | SonicWall

However, my issue is slightly different. I am using the same VNET but I have several different address spaces.

I created a separate network for X0 using My X0 IP is The Azure GW IP is I can see this in my ARP table.

I have an Azure routing table setup with the next hop of Right now is using this routing table.

I have a test machine on the same VNET with a an address space of Its IP is I have created a route on the NSv to with a next hop of I can ping from the firewall. When I run a ping from the test machine to and run a packet capture on the firewall, I see that the firewall is forwarding traffic to X1. But the pings fail.

If I was doing this with a physical firewall, I would create a virtual interface on and be done with it. Do I need to do something similar on the Azure firewall?

Category: Virtual Firewall


  • MarkDMarkD Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    You dont say what your X1 Wan interface is connected to.

    This is my setup usign 2 internal subnets with routes on the NSv to each subnet via the Azure gateway 10.181.1,209

    X1 default gateway is the Azure gateway with a Pubic IP attatched.

    This natted by the gateway at and presented as the public IP

    routelan and rroutedmz are defined with the address prefix gateway of Next hop type "Virtual appliance" with the IP address of (yes that is correct - thats software defined networks.........)

  • girlaygirlay Newbie ✭

    Hi, do you have a document setup if the Sonicwall NSV is deployed in another VNET. I used this article as my guide, How do I route all traffic to a SonicWall NSv using a different address space (different VNet)? | SonicWall.

    I have different subnet for Azure Virtual Desktop (host pool) and another subnet for our VM servers. I just want to filter out outbound traffic of these subnets in another VNet. Did all the VNEt Peering too.

  • MarkDMarkD Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    . I just want to filter out outbound traffic of these subnets in another VNet. Did all the VNEt Peering too.

    Do I understand correctly, you want to apply rules between the Virtual desktop and VM servers?

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