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NSA 3700 2FA Reporting

How can we report on users that did not setup their MFA/2FA profiles vs those who did? This would be helpful to determine who needs to be reminded to configure their bind app.

Category: High End Firewalls


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    Hi! Unfortunately there is no way to "report" on this with firewall users. You'll have to edit each user and look which can take a while with a large number of users.

    The other thing you can do is create a local firewall group and enable the One-time password method. Users in that group will inherit the group One-time password method and be forced to use TOTP (for example).

    If looking at a user, the user's One-time password method will still show disabled but when they go to log in, they will be forced since you specified the One-time password method at the group level.

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    prestonpreston Enthusiast ✭✭
    edited April 2022

    @MarchMadness , one easy way to see is if you are using LDAP user Groups, is to look in the Local Users menu any AD Users who appear in there have logged on using the ToTP as the SonicWall auto creates the Local User from AD so it can assign the ToTP,

    if they have never used it the user won't be in there.

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    Great point. You can always import the users from LDAP proactively as well if you are integrated with an AD.

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