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Overclocking and High Fan Speed

Hey not sure if this is the right place, but installed capture client on multiple windows machines with I5 processors. No problem. However when I installed on my laptop, which has an I7 processor, after install and running the scan, the processor stays overclocked, which leads to a very high and loud cooling fan speed, and high battery consumption, although the speed will slow down slightly when on battery.

I didn't have the problem on the initial install. So for about 2 weeks, there was no noticiable change in the operation of my laptop, but once the problem started, the only way to correct it was to completely remove capture client, thus leaving my machine unprotected.

For example, without capture client installed, task manager would show my clock speed well below the base speed of 2.3GHZ. Installed, after it runs all its initial scans, task manager shows a clock speed of 3.5GHZ or higher. The cooling fan ramps up and it never stops. I can basically boot up the machine, log into my network and open no programs and the fan speeds up. Without the program installed, I never hear the fan.

What is using the CPU is windows "system" in task manager. I saw something online that there was a bug fix from last February, but that doesn't seem to impact my laptop. It's a Dell Precision 3551. FWIW I had the same issue on my previous Dell Precision with a Xeon processor and a different virus program.

So the issue seems to be in the better processors. I have a dell Optiplex 3070 with an I5 that I remote into over the Sonic Wall Net Extender which has capture client on it. It's in my office, and I never hear the fan run on it. It is a micro form factor machine.

Any suggestions? I would like to have virus protection, but I would also prefer not to have my laptop sound like a helicopter when its plugged into the dock.



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