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ISP Bandwidth capacity

MikeMMikeM Newbie ✭

I have a customer who wants to know if the Sonicwave 231o can handle his ISPs higher bandwidth options. Currently he is at 100M up and down. He can go to 200M, 300M and max out at 500M. When I installed the 5 APs in their Showroom, I ran a speedtest and got 100 up and down everywhere. I know 802.11c is over Gigabit bandwidth so would I be safe to say it can handle his ISPs max at 500M?



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    LitBobOnLitBobOn Newbie ✭

    See if you can get that speed on a wire through the SonicWALL, as that might be your bottle neck. The ratings for SW Firewalls, they'll be quick to tell you, are not for single session, and varies depending on how much security you have configured.

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