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NSA 4600 Nat questions

I am new to Sonicwall and one of our application host partners has a vpn set up so they can pull data as needed to host their wholesale store, now they need to print to a printer on our local LAN. they have to ask me to set up a NAT so they can print from their server. they gave me the IP address they are using to print as and our local LAN Printer address is

my first shot at this did not work, what did i do wrong, and am i completely off....

NAT Policy for printer

Original Source:  Any

Translated Source: Original 

Original Destination: PrinterWan address

Translated Destination: PrinterLAN address

Original Service: Any

Translated Service: Original

Inbound Interface: Any

Outbound Interface: Any

IP version: IPv4 ONLY


PrinterWAN: Zone Assignment WAN IP address

PrinterLAN: Zone Assignment        LAN IP address:

Thank you for your time.

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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