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Help with TZ300 L2TP VPN clients unreachable


Hoping someone can help me.
I have a TZ300 and set up L2TP VPN with the KB article. My client machine connects successfully and gets an IP outside my LAN subnet.
I have my local clients on LAN are on X0 port and the VPN comes on my WAN which is X1 port. From the diagnostics I can ping the VPN client's IP but none of the hosts on my LAN network can ping the VPN client's IP. When I look at packet monitor I can see the ping request and the outcome is "CONSUMED". Looking at the firewall rules from LAN to VPN I see TX traffic but no RX

I'm at a loss as to what I'm missing and why I can't ping my VPN client's IP

Any thoughts or help?

Thank you
Category: Entry Level Firewalls


  • IT_GuysIT_Guys Newbie ✭

    First, let suggest that outside "testing" this is not something you would want to do...


    Make sure you have an ACLs to allow ICMP from LAN-->VPN and VPN-->LAN

    Also make sure that you have the clients firewall allows ICMP

  • Thank you for the response. I checked and the rules exist. Also the client side looks OK, the the firewall is able to ping the client via the diagnostics.
    I tried SSH into the X1 WAN interface and I can ping the client
    I tried to SSH into the X0 LAN interface and I cannot ping the client. If that means anything
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