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Failed to synchronize license information

Interesting thing happened yesterday.

Running SonicOS 7.0.1-5030 on a TZ470 - recently upgraded from TZ400 - licenses have been transferred and are all current. Have not updated to -5050 yet due to reports on this forum of instability.

Around 11:00 yesterday, all connectivity to the WAN just stopped. Fiber to ISP was fine as our phones still worked. The Sonicwall just wasn't letting anything in or out, but web-gui access to device was fully functional.

The last messages on the log prior to the event were "766 - Security Services - Warning - Failed to synchronize license information with Licensing Server. 1001"

The only way I could find to recover was to reboot. It came up fine and issued another of the same warnings. Logging on, I want to Device->Licenses->Synchronize and it sync'ed fine. No failure to sync messages since.

Is the stoppage related to the license issue or just coincidental? Does the Sonicwall just STOP if it can't phone home?

There were NO other log entries just prior to the event. Over the previous couple of hours were the usual "Possible port scan detected" which we get all the time.

Any thoughts?


Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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