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Adding Exclusion to SQL Server


I want to create an exclusion for a SQL Server, after reading some articles I'm a bit stuck. My intent is to apply the exclusion to the device itself rather than all the devices as I understand this is best practice. I created a static group and put my sql server into the group. I created my exclusions per the SonicWall exclusion article. I can't figure out how to apply this exclusion just to the group, I'm sure I'm missing something simple but I can't see it. Appreciate any guidence


Category: Capture Client

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    cspellcspell Newbie ✭
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    I was able to figure it out, I just needed to pick this drop down to apply exclusions to my group containing my Sql servers


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    IT_GuysIT_Guys Newbie ✭

    By exclusion I assume you mean ACL,

    You will want to create an ACL that says

    From Zone: Any

    To Zone: Any

    Source: (Address group of systems that will access the SQL Server)

    Destination: (Address group of SQL Server)

    Service:(SQL Services)

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    cspellcspell Newbie ✭

    Thanks for the reply, no I'm adding the exclusion in capture client web portal not the firewall

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