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IPSec Client VPN Tunnel-All Exclusion for Microsoft365/Teams

SteveOstellaSteveOstella Newbie ✭
edited March 2022 in VPN Client

Hello, My client is facing an issue when trying to initiate a call or meeting in Microsoft Teams while connected to IPSec VPN using Global VPN client in Tunnel-All mode. Microsoft has acknowledged that this is a known issue, and recommends routing Teams traffic outside of the VPN tunnel and over the internet. My client requires Tunnel-All mode for compliance reasons, but confirmed Teams/365 traffic outside of the tunnel is OK. 

Is there a way to route certain destination IPv4 and IPv6 address’s (365/teams IPs) outside of the VPN tunnel while keeping the Tunnel-All setting enabled? Any other suggestions or options I should be looking at? Client has a TZ570.

Category: VPN Client


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