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Analytics: Send alerts to email when a user tries to use certain Application

Yuber_SierraYuber_Sierra Newbie
edited March 2022 in Capture Security Center

A customer interested in Analytics solution is asking if it is possible to send Alerts when a user tries to use certain application (for example Ultrasurf, or Bit Torrent). I can see it is possible but at level of Web browsing, not Applications:

Any idea if that feature exists or if it is in roadmap on a future release, or an alternative to send that alert ?

Thank you.

Category: Capture Security Center


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    BernardHanBernardHan SonicWall Employee

    Hi Yuber,

    Currently there is no feature to send the alert for certain application from NSM in your case, neither from local firewall. I checked local firewall, for applications, we use App Control to allow/deny/verify. There is no feature to alert on it.

    As a support engineer, I am not sure if this is a feature in a roadmap. The best resource would be Product Management team. You may want to ask your local reseller/partner to reach out PM team for the answer.

    Any questions, please let me know.

    Bernard Han

    Tech Support Advisor, SonicWall

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