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1GB SFP in a SWS14-24

I purchased some 3rd party 1GB copper SFP adapters not long ago and attempted to use with a SWS14-24. Connectivity was my computer to a non-SFP port, and an uplink from the switch to the network using the 1GB SFP port. I believe the other end of the uplink is a 1GB copper port of a Dell X series network switch.

Connectivity was terrible, kept dropping the connection, became unusable. I then popped for a genuine SonicWall 1GB SFP adapter and had the same problem. I believe I did the standard stuff like hard coded the network connection speed to 1GB. Still problematic. Any thoughts on what else I can do to make this solution work? I believe if I can get the SonicWall SFP adapter to work properly then I should be able to apply the same to the (listed as compatible) 3rd party adapters from

Category: Switches
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