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Why is my appflow only collecting certain devices

Hi I set up vlans on one interface and I set all The interfaces to collect data however some devices won’t collect information
Category: Firewall Management and Analytics


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    Tg1986Tg1986 Newbie ✭

    now apple is working in and out first it runs fine with certain devices then it just stops working

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    Sadiya_AnjumSadiya_Anjum SonicWall Employee

    Hi @Tg1986 ,

    Please check the following settings on the firewall:

    -> if "enable flow reporting" is enabled under the VLAN interface advanced settings.

    -> Under Appflow settings, if report connections is set to "all"

    -> "Collect Report Data For" under Appflow settings and "Send Dynamic AppFlow For Following Tables" under GMS flow server have all the available options checked

    -> See if the device which is not reporting to the analytics server is able to reach the analytics server ip

    Sadiya Anjum

    Technical Support Engineer

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