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SSH restart AMC or SMA appliance

We are having a problem that we have a SMA6210 cannot connect with CMS (in CMS showing the SMA is "unreachable"), and cannot showing the AMC login page using the X0 IP. But we can ping the X0 and X1 IP of the SMA. Also we can use Putty to open the SSH console of SMA using X0 IP. And we tested that the SSLVPN can be connected using this SMA6210 with successfully access internal resources.

In this situation, can we use SSH to get the AMC login page online? Or can we use SSH to restart the SMA appliance?

Category: Secure Mobile Access Appliances

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    iamabrokenmaniamabrokenman Enthusiast ✭✭
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    CMS hitting internal / X0 or external / X1 of your Aventail server? Regardless, CMS talks over tcp 443 and not via AMC on 8443. But if you want to restart AMC aka mgmt-server while ssh into your box, /etc/init.d/mgmt-server restart .

    I would ssh to your CMS and see if you can hit tcp 443 on your sma. You likely got simple connectivity issues.


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    roy_lam2022roy_lam2022 Newbie ✭

    Many thanks for your help. Actually the VPN appliance was restarted (by physically poweroff) and right now is working normally. Before restart, the CMS cannot hit tcp443 and in CMS is showing disconnect of the VPN appliance.

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