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NSA 5650 Reboot very often


Reference to the above title we have been facing frequent reboot of both Primary and Secondary in the last 3 months,any firmware/hotfix SonicWall provided not worked up to the marked. Anyone who face this kind of a reboot or workaround available to overcome the issue is much appreciated.



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    BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭
    edited May 2020

    Hi @Vendhan

    did you checked within the TSR for any clues? Search for "Misc : Watch Dog Task" in it, maybe it's triggered by the Watchdog, which causes a reboot per default (can changed in the internal settings).

    I'am not certain if there is still no possibility to figure out what causes a change from Primary to Secondary appliance, that's sometimes annoying.


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    I have two HA pairs at two different customers (not 5650s, NSa ) that would experience something similar and then lockup. They attributed it to a high connection count between the units that wouldn't clear out. Support put us on and the issue seems to have resolved where they don't lock up. We also utilize DPI-SSL, and they had us checkbox the "Client spoofed certificate caching" on the diag page.


    We had a non-HA NSa unit that was early model that suffered from a design flaw (our SE told us it was a chip design) where every time the UPS it was attached to would switch onto battery (even very, very briefly, or even a very slight power flucuation), the SonicWall would detect that and reboot--even though all other devices on that same UPS would stay up. I found the UPS was the cause by looking at its logs and comparing the event times with the reboot of the SonicWall.

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    VendhanVendhan Newbie ✭


    Just Tried but problem seems to have not resolved so reverted the old firmware. Waiting for another hotfix which we are planning to deploy this weekend.

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    While discussing the issues in general here is good for comparing notes, I hope you have a ticket open for this Vendan. There can be many different root causes for issues which lead to reboots or HA Failovers, and though the symptoms look the same, each customer's TSR and tracelog files will show the case owner how to proceed. This is what leads to us providing hotfix firmware to customers.By the way there are hundreds of major fixes coming in our next firmware release, SonicOS .

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    Poorni_5Poorni_5 SonicWall Employee


    I believe you had already opened up a case for this and working with one of our Enterprise engineers. Do let us know here if you still need assistance.

    Thanks & Regards,


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    rodrigomorirodrigomori Newbie ✭

    I have this same problem. I upgraded to firmware but the problem still continues.

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    fmadiafmadia Moderator

    @rodrigomori thanks for reaching out. If you're having issues with your firewall rebooting, I would suggest you contact our technical support so one of our engineers can look into this for you.

    --Francesco Madia

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