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NetExtender Wont Connect with Foreign Router


My company uses NetExtender as our VPN and back in the US, it seems that any router is fine when I am connected, I can get NetExtender up and running to login to my company's network remotely. However, our family is in Switzerland for the month and I am using a Sunrise router and when I am connected to the WiFi, my NetExtender on my computer and company e-mail on my phone and computer will not open, load or come through. However, when i am on cellular data and open NetExtender using my phone as a hotspot, it works fine which lets me know it is the router/WiFi. How can I get around this/what is the problem? Anyone else have this in other countries?

Thank you!

Category: VPN Client


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    BWCBWC Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @ckelly it's a bit fishing in the dark, but do you have any GeoIP Policy enforced back in the US which might block Switzerland?

    Can you access via Browser to your VPN which might show you some messages, at least a web page should show up?

    I guess the Sunrise Router does not block certain ports (e.g. SSL-VPN on Port 4443) or do some kind of SSL inspection?


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