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How to turn on TZ370 logging for troubleshooting website access

Hello, folks, I am not a firewall person, so I would appreciate guidance in clear language.

I have a Windows website that, when connected directly to my ISP's fibre modem, works perfectly. However when I connect it up to my TZ370, after I have run the TZ370's wizard, I am not able to connect to my website.

Exactly what logging do I need to enable on my TZ370, to hopefully be able to see why I am not able to connect to my website? I am running the latest firmware, SonicOS 7.0.1-5050.

My server is setup in one of my DMZs, on X5.

When I run the wizard, I enter in the server name, then the IP of the PC that is running the website software, then the server name again under Comments, and on the next page I enter in the IP of my WAN port.

In addition to what I need to do to enable logging, how do I access those logs in order to review the connection attempts?

Thank you in advance & have a pleasant day.



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    JMMJMM Newbie ✭

    I managed to look at the packets (which is all new to me, as I'm not a network person), and I can see myself going out (or maybe it's me coming in), but they're all port 443, and my internal websites only use 80. Is there a setting in my TZ370 that is maybe forcing all my outbound traffic to use HTTPS instead of HTTP?

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