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how to AUTOMATE sonicwall cli commands?? (6.5, 5.9)

tommlstommls Newbie ✭
edited February 2022 in Entry Level Firewalls

I know how to open a ssh session to sonicwalls, there's various ways to do this.

The trouble is after the ssh session is opened and the admin prompt appears.

How do I send the word 'configure' to the admin prompt and have it go on the screen for sonicwall to process??

Same for after 'config' is sent and it goes down to the next level, e.g. creating address object

cut and paste is not acceptable b/c we have 100+ objects to configure.

for example, (config[NSA3600]> address-object Office LAN -- I want to automatically type in the text in bold

What kind of scripting do I use -- bash, powershell (already tried but can try again), what??

Thank you, Tom

Category: Entry Level Firewalls
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