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Replacing a TZ-500 with a TZ-470 - Migration tool?

I have replaced a TZ-500 in the past and replaced it with a TZ-470, and we are doing it again now at another site. I do not remember if I had to use the Migration tool, or if I could simply export the config from the TX-500 and import it into the TZ-470. That is what I did this time, and when I went to swap the appliance out the newly configured appliance would not go online. No connectivity to the internet or to either of the VPN tunnels. Any thoughts? Should I go ahead and export the config again from the old device and use the migration tool and re-import and try again. I already have both devices loaded in NSM. As I brought the new unit online and added it to NSM. It's not currently online now as it contains the config from the old unit.

Category: Mid Range Firewalls


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