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ES version SMTP problems

Does anyone have problems with and SMTP and/or date ??

Since updating to mails arrive delayed ( up to 4 hours and more ) and in investigation -> Logs -> message logs they show me for mail arrived yesterday arrived as 1 February 2021 ?? Some minutes later i see the right date from 25 january 2022 !!!!!

Its really strange.

If i restart SMTP Gateway on Remote Analyzer, mail arive fast for some minutes

Category: Email Security Appliances

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    DomblDombl Newbie ✭
    Answer ✓

    Was my fault, a filter with "Deliver and Route to" will block the delivery, if the TCP-session for the "route to"-part cannot be established


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    DomblDombl Newbie ✭

    Sorry, this date-problem was an error.

    But the SMTP-problem is still there

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