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SONICWALL TZ670 Web Server on DMZ not working


I am trying to access a webserver behind the Sonic TZ670 which connected to X7 interface of the Sonicwall. The ISP's router has been bridged to the Sonicwall so the sonic wall is acting as the LAN's gateway. When the web server is put on the LAN subnet, it works with the right access rule and NAT policy but when it's put on the DMZ it doesn't seem to work. Your help will be very much appreciated. Please see the attached network diagram.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls

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    MitatOngeMitatOnge All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Hi @paulrui21 ,

    change the firewall management port or disable Wan interface management check box.

    is Modem route mode or brige mode? if it is route mode, you must nat to firewall all TCP 80 AND 443 packets.

    paulrui21paulrui21 Newbie ✭
    Answer ✓

    Hi @MitatOnge ,

    Many thanks for the swift response.

    The Modem is in bridge mode and the WAN interface Management has been disabled. I will double-check the WAN to DMZ access rule and NAT policy again to ensure its configured properly.


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