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SSLVPN different rules for user-groups

oleole Newbie ✭

Hi there,

On our NSA2700 we have SSLVPN configured for the Admin-group and it works fine. Now we want to get other users (home-office is the hype :-)) access to some of the servers via RDP. So I created a local user and group, adress object included the needed servers + DNS and a service-object with DNS, ICMP (for tests) and Terminalservices. Created also a new access-rule from SSL-VPN / SSL IP Pool (unfortunately only one pool can be used) to LAN / new Server-Group, Services: new service-group and "users included" new user-group. Afterwards the connection can be established but no access to the servers is possible.

For the working admin-group the whole network is reachable but the users should only get access to some of them. So my question is: is it possible to use different access-rules for each user-group or do I have to use another solution to fulfill our request?

Thanks a lot in advance for every hint or answer, hope someone can help to find out.


Ole 🙂

Category: SSL VPN


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