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Global VPN Client Connects and Receives IP but does not see local HOST(s)

I have a client running a TZ-SOHO with a global VPN. There is a windows 2019 PDC Server on the LAN running DHCP/DNS.

The VPN has traditionally been working. Recently we moved the server and firewall to another room but I don't think that is an issue. Network interface configs and wiring looks good.

Suddenly the remote global vpn user cannot connect to the server through the VPN. I installed GVC software on a test computer at my shop and I get the same result: I authenticate and connect to the VPN just fine. And I opened a command prompt and I see the virtual VPN NIC is receiving a LAN ip and the DHCP/DNS is appropriately the windows server. However, I cannot PING the server nor any internal ip except the sonicwall (gateway). I cannot HTTPS into the sonicwall (but thinking SonicWALL might deny https across the vpn by default?).

I re-ran the global vpn wizard on the sonicwall. It also has the latest firmware. All settings look good. I went thru this tech article:

I'm really at a loss... any suggestions? Thanks.

Category: Entry Level Firewalls


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