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Sonicwave 224W with external 12V power adaptor NOT POE error in LOG

My log keeps logging this same error over and over again. SonicWave224w 0b750a power source does not support 802.3AT standard. Please switch to low power mode.

I have the low power mode enabled on the 224w and verified that each the 5and 2.4 Antenna are set to minimum.

Is this just another bug in the 9.92n firmware? I also opened a case with Sonicwall support because all Wlan stopped today until I restored it to factory default, and then had to re-load my configuration again and reboot.

They already looked at my config and said it was fine, it was not corrupt,. This is just getting very time consuming. I believe that I need to start charging Sonicwall my time for debugging their products and software. I will gladly continue to do this at $250.00 per hour 2 hour minimum which is what I bill for my time.

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    ThKThK Cybersecurity Overlord ✭✭✭

    @CS_Welsh1 when i startet using the sw224 i plug in an external 12v powerdevice. But it led to several problems like reboots and others.

    In the end i put an PoE switch in front of the SW224 an my problems were gone.


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    CS_Welsh1CS_Welsh1 Newbie ✭

    The POE solved the problems with 8.89n version of the TZ600P firmware with me getting the Power warning message about 802.3AT is not supported put in low power mode. I had the Sonicwave 224w in Low Power profile, but still got the warning, but the unit worked, except for the LAN ports with version 8.89n.

    When the 12V power adaptor was plugged into the 224W with the TZ600P on firmware version 9.92n, the LAN Ports did work, but even with the unit in Low Power MOde, it complained about the Loiw Power moide every 10 seconds, and within 40 minutes it completely shutdown the traffic to the Sonicwave 224w even though the BASE setting showed it was operational. the Log was showing that every Wifi device in my office that was trying to reconnect, that it was blocking it because it was stating a NON-Soinicwall AP is trying to connect and the MAC was from my internal WI-FI devices.

    so they are aware of the issue, and even if I put the 9.92N and then the Hot fix for the CLoud Backups that the 9.92n took away completely, I may still have issues, and just having those additional LAN ports at this point are NOT that important to me. I will give Sonicwall time to fix the issues. I had cases opened with them, gave them the log, and my configs, so they know what I had in place.

    They can do their own testing. I am out.

    Sonicwall wants me to put 9.92n back with the hotfix for the Cloud Backups, but not so sure I want to do this again.

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