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More Sonicwave 224w problems - status is stuck at Licensing not going to Operational

This afternoon, out of the blue, my Sonicwave 224w which had been working beautifully since they had me update the Firmware to 9.92n *even though the cloud backups are no longer available now, but the LAN port was working, and all seemed good.

My cell phone showed that it could not connect, couldnot grab an IP address. The Sonicwall TZ600p shows it is operational, but I rebooted the Sonicwall, and the Sonicpoint ACE and Sonicwave unit - warm reboot first

When the units came back up, the Sonicwave 224w will not move out of Licensing, will not go to operational.

I have cold booted the unit, rebooted both of my Cable modems, and cold booted the Sonicwall TZ600, still not working.

I am stuck, I opened a case with Sonicwall as this unit has been a problem from day 1, as the lan ports did not work until the latest firmware 9.92n was installed, which has the problem of cloud backups are no longer available.

Any ideas what could have happened? Nothing new was added to the Network, nothing has changed, yet this unit will not get past licensing.

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    CS_Welsh1CS_Welsh1 Newbie ✭
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    This was resolved weeks ago, by simply restarting my TZ600P and the Sonicwave device. But Thank you.


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