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Ping Test drops with code 727 from VPN to internal X interface



I found this other article, but it doesn't quite match the configuration conditions of our setup. I did try the idea in it anyway but it still didn't work.

I cannot get a ping reply from the Sonic Wall router at one site over a Site to Site VPN. But I can get a ping reply from any other device on that network with the Sonic Wall router over the VPN. It is driving me nuts!!

So our scenario:


X0 left as default LAN zone


X2 as under a Zone called Staff, with X3, 4, 5 as portshield to X2

W0 Layer2 Bridge to X2, with a W0:36 lan tag and subnet 192.168.36.x for Guests on Wifi while staff connect on the primary W0 getting a 192.168.6x ip due to the Bridge. I followed the steps at this article to do that, tested staff and guest access / limitations and it worked beautifully.

A Site to Site VPN tunnel is up and running to multiple other offices.

On site, I can ping the router at its address of 6.1, and any device in the site as well, such as a network switch at 6.241.

From a VPN site, I can also ping 6.241 , but a ping to 6.1 will not work. When I used Packet Monitor to capture conditions, I found this Dropped status about the attempt tp ping 6.1 from another site.

I have no rules I can find that should be causing this drop! I also turned off all extras to test, (AV Gateway, Intrusion, Content Filtering, Botnet, etc.) to make sure it wasn't one of those features.

I then tried each one of these manual Policy adds and none of them made any difference.

What is the solution to this insanity ?

Allow Ping from VPN to X2

Allow Ping from VPN to Staff

Allow Ping from WAN to X2

Allow Ping from WAN to Staff


Ethernet Header

Ether Type: IP(0x800), Src=[68:b6:fc:c5:72:22], Dst=[2c:b8:ed:a8:ae:f1]

IP Packet Header

IP Type: ICMP(0x1), Src=[], Dst=[]

ICMP Packet Header

ICMP Type = 8(ECHO_REQUEST), ICMP Code = 0, ICMP Checksum = 19113


DROPPED, Drop Code: 727(Packet dropped - Policy drop), Module Id: 27(policy), (Ref.Id: _2722_qpmjdzDifdl) 1:1)

Category: Firewall Management and Analytics

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    JHSDJHSD Newbie ✭
    edited January 2022 Answer ✓

    SOLVED! Damn this was nuts.

    The solution was to create an Access Rule that says -

    Allow from VPN (zone) to Staff (Zone) , Source ANY, Destination X2 IP

    Apparently choosing "X2 Subnet" for the Destination does not treat the router's own IP address within that subnet as being accessible, even though it IS in that subnet. That's nuts,


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    BartManBartMan Newbie ✭
    edited January 2022

    Make sure ping is enabled on the LAN interface on both units. By default it is not enabled.

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    JHSDJHSD Newbie ✭

    Hi Bartman,

    Thank you for the reply! So I went back and checked - the X0 interface does have Ping enabled already on it's setting. Not sure why that one would matter though actually, because as listed above, I left X0 as the default LAN management (as It is not bridged or setup with portshield to any of the other interfaces. I just use it as a local plugin for admin management. I know, sort of a waste of a usable port but I don't have the need to use every physical port on this device (at the moment).

    I did check under Policy for VPN to LAN , and a Ping allow rule was already there (auto created by the setting on the Lan). I then tried adding one from LAN to VPN to ensure it was two-way but again it didn't produce any reply from

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    JHSDJHSD Newbie ✭

    I should add - while the TZ270w will not reply to a Ping from the other side of the VPN, I can still open and log in as the Admin over the VPN to 6.1 . But I need the Ping test to work for our monitoring tools. It just keeps thinking it's down right now.

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