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SonicWave432i ...

shoeshoe Newbie ✭

I'm retired and volunteer for a non-profit. They purchased a T7370, an SWS14-48FPOE, and 4 SonicWave 432i. My 35+ years in IT have always been technical so I'm not walking into this blind. The TZ370 is pretty straightforward, connecting to the switch to allow management of the switch was straightforward. Connecting the SonicWaves and creating virtual access points does not work. I've followed this without any success. I have found that I can set a SID and going to Device -> Access Points -> Settings -> Access Point Objects but it is worthless, more than four wifi connections and the SonicWave's can't handle it. I've switched back to some older donated Netgear equipment. for access points. What I really need is 'good' documentation, as I ass/u/me the SonicWave 432i is a better piece of equipment than 5-7 year old home Netgear equipment. SonicWall support is good at saying, I believe it is a problem with "the piece of hardware" I don't support, please open a case with that group.

I'm in need of good documentation, for the SonicWave 432i - does anyone have links for this?

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