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How to configure the LAN ports on the Sonicwave 224w Unit

I purchased a Sonicwave 224w Unit that has several LAN ports and with the unit up and running under APs on my Sonicwall TZ600p unit, I cannot get any of the LAN ports to work. When I plug a cable for a TV or Computer into one of the LAN ports, the unit becomes NOt Operational. It stops the wifi on the unit all together. Upon unplugging the LAN cable, you then have to reboot the unit in order for it to work again,.

Cannot locate any sort of knowledge base articles on how to configure these ports, as Sonicwall email support is telling me the unit must not be configured properly. I followed the deployment guide, and I also have a Sonicpoint ACE unit on the same network, and set it up similarly. But the Sonicpoint units DO not have LAN ports.

Not sure what I am missing? Do I need to add an External Switch to my Sonicwall TZ600p config in order for these LAN ports on the Sonicwave 224w to work?

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    CS_Welsh1CS_Welsh1 Newbie ✭
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    Updating the firmware on my TZ600P to the latest and greatest resolved all the issues with the LAN ports. As a matter of fact. all; the LED lights on the unit now are working, and showing LAN traffic, and that the 5G and 2.4G antennas are working.

    Sonicwall needs to update their Deployment guide on this unit as it does not state the latest version is needed. After reviewing the Release Notes for this, several of the issues sound exactly like the Problem I was having with WLAN to LAN.

    This issue is fixed, now I am awaiting to see if I can map the LAN ports individually to a Virtual Interface.


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    LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    @CS_Welsh1 I've installed the other two models of the 2xx series, but not this one.

    I did look at the Deployment Guide and, you are right, there is NO mention - whatsoever - about how to configure the LAN ports.

    I'd guess - based on the diagram - that specific access rules are needed to allow the WLAN to operate the LAN ports. However, I certainly don't know what other, additional, measures are required.

    @shiprasahu93 or @EnaBev could you please find the appropriate team member to craft a KB article that could later be used to update that documentation?


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    CS_Welsh1CS_Welsh1 Newbie ✭

    Hi Larry,

    When I opened a support case, they are now telling me that I need to be on the most recent version of the firmware, which is not the one listed in the deployment guide. I am on a newer version than the one in the deployment guide, They want me to download is, which will update the sonicwave. I currently am on version

    This all makes me believe they are unsure. I had a problem in the past with failover, as I have a business Static Line and a Residential line from Comcast. I use the Static line for my VPN tunnels to a CLOUD Administration site, and I use the residential line for everything else. The failover was setup by a Sonicwall Certified technician. The problem happened everytime one of my COMCAST networks went out, Failover could not reach the Sonicwall URL that was listed and Sonicwall prefers to be used, even though the 2nd line was functioning, so it would stop the entire network, and no matter how many times I rebooted the Sonicwall, and was able to prove that both of the COMCAST lines were functioning, the Sonicwall though they were still down. Turns out their Failover pingable site kept going down, and this caused the entire process. For months this kept happening, and I worked with a technician, and they finally had me change the pingable sites in the failover to and and the problem never appeared again.

    Their own pingable site was causing the problem and for months they could not figure it out even though they had all of my logs and configuration. I have not had a problem with it since.

    Now I feel like they are going to put through this ordeal all over again. I am happy with the wi-fi performance of the 224w but bought this model due to the LAN ports, thought that would be a great feature. So far, not so much. I will keep you posted. and hopefully they give us a KB article to explain the setup. I will try updating the firmware to see if anything happens. Will review the Release notes for the new version and see if they mention anything about the 224w interface.

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    CS_Welsh1CS_Welsh1 Newbie ✭

    The release notes on the new firmware version do discuss a fix for Wlan to LAN port, so applied the firmware latest version, and will retest the LAN ports. I have customer issues I need to work on now, should get back to the group in a bit.

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    LarryLarry All-Knowing Sage ✭✭✭✭

    It hurts my brain to think that anyone trying to do this before the December 9, 2021 firmware release would have been unsuccessful.

    Of course, now that you have the 92n firmware on your firewall, you no longer have cloud backups... but that's what the installation of a hot-fix is supposed to correct.

    @CS_Welsh1 I am glad you solved this mystery with your own fortitude. Me, I'm getting weary of this "fixing the airplane while flying" aspect of the entire SonicWall apparatus.

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    CS_Welsh1CS_Welsh1 Newbie ✭

    I did not know that this version broke the cloud backups. I emailed Support Technician that I was working with and asked him when that was going to be fixed.

    First time I have run into a problem like this. The last problem I had with failover was the sonicwall pingable site was not always up, so failover failed because it could not ping the Sonicwall site. But it was not a firmware fix, just change what I am pinging to verify if the Interface is backup up and running again.

    The TZ600p is my 3rd unit. I had a TZ210w, then a NSA 250m and now the TZ600p. I have been happy with them for the most part.

    I am happy with the performance/output of the sonicwave 224w unit. And besides the glitch with the lan ports not working and making the unit unoperational when something was plugged into the LAN ports, the AP wi-fi portion of the unit worked great. Trying to be an optimist. HA

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    CS_Welsh1CS_Welsh1 Newbie ✭

    Sonicwall support replied to me this morning, " the ports on the Access Point default to the network from where the AP is provisioned. There is no configuration to move those to a different  VLAN. They will stay on the X5 network only".

    X5 is the interface on the TZ600P that the Sonicwave 224w is plugged into.

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